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Designs effective management and development policies for the entire UTG Group

JSC «UTG Group»

Founded in 1998.

Privately owned Russian company, founder of UTG Group.

Ground handling


Founded in 2007.

The first independent ground handling operator in Russia.

Operates at Vnukovo airport.


  • ramp handling;
  • passenger and crew services;
  • ticketing services;
  • station management;
  • MRO services;
  • de-icing.

Ground handling


Founded in 2014.

The company provides ground handling services at Domodedovo airport.


  • passenger services;
  • ticketing services;
  • station management;
  • MRO services;
  • crew ramp transportation.

De-icing and utilization services


Founded in 2015.


  • delivery of de-icing fluid;
  • laboratory testing of de-icing fluid;
  • construction of de-icing base stations;
  • collection, transportation and utilization of dangerous waste classes I-IV;
  • ecological consulting;
  • elaboration of production waste standards and limitations;
  • rating dangerous waste levels.

Cargo transportation and express delivery mail

JSC «UTG-Express».

Founded in 1998.

Processes 60 tons of cargo daily. The company has 15 transportation units and makes more than 140 000 deliveries per year.


  • air, auto and railway logistics;
  • express mail delivery within Russia;
  • warehouse services;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs duty performance during the export and import of cargo transportations;
  • cargo delivery to over 120 destinations in Russia and 80 worldwide.

Education services

INO «ATC «UTG University».

Founded in 2014 as a part of UTG aviation services. In 2017 it was separated into a new entity.


  • training of airport employees, air transport operators;
  • training of employees for baggage, cargo and mail handling;
  • air company representative training;
  • aircraft load and balance specialist training.

Aviation component developing, tests, maintenance and production


Founded in 2018.

Having its own production facility of 495 m2 located in Aprelevka City, in the Moscow region.


  • interior aviation components;
  • engineering and design service;
  • production of ground support equipment;
  • repair of cargo equipment and removable kitchen equipment.

Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Aviation support equipment production and sales

LLC «U systems».

Founded in 2018.


  • sale of aviation materials; 
  • tool manufacturing for civil aircraft maintenance.

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